We’re Glad You’re Here!

Check it out!

The Chicago district of the International Socialist Organization (ISO) welcomes you to our newly renovated website. The site has a number of important new features that you should make sure to check out: an events page, pages dedicated to explaining our basic political perspective, as well as a series of pages with information on the current activist campaigns our membership is prioritizing at any given time.

In particular, however, we want to draw your attention to our all-new Chicago-centric blog which will feature frequent contributions from our members on events, activism and political developments in the city.

We are proud to have branches throughout the city full of members who are active in a variety of different kinds of activist work. The blog will feature short posts that reflect the depth and breadth of our members’ participation in political movements in Chicago. We’ll also periodically post cutting-edge political commentary on city politics, such as articles and editorials about Chicago published in our organizations newspaper SocialistWorker.org.