We are dedicated to fighting for workers rights on all fronts. Much of our membership is active in the labor movement. Some of our members are active in their unions in the private sector whereas others are militants in public sector unions. We are strong supporters of efforts to organize retail and service workers to fight for a $15 minimum wage. Whenever any workers in our area go on strike — whether its teachers in the CTU, McDonalds workers, or oil refinery workers in Whiting, IL — we do all we can to show support and solidarity. We take seriously the old slogan that “an injury to one, is an injury to all.”

As socialists, we believe that ordinary workers are uniquely capable of winning the fight for a better world. Because of their central role in the economy, workers can — by use of the strike weapon — grind the profit system to a halt like no other social force. This gives ordinary workers a potential power to fight social injustice — whether it’s racism or environmental destruction — unlike any other class.

All workers produce more value while they’re at work than they get paid in wages. That is where the boss’s profits comes from — hence, the lower our wages and the faster the pace of work, the more money they make off us. This is what Marxists mean when they say workers are exploited.

But even though US workers today are doing more and more work for less and less pay, the ruling class is making record-breaking profits. Even as wages continue to drop and employers demand cuts to benefits and retirement, the bosses are making money hand over fist.

We believe that the only way to turn this around is to build organization and power among workers in their workplaces. Thus, our members are committed to re-building a militant, democratic, rank-and-file-led labor movement. We stand for “social movement unionism” that links workplace struggles to broader struggles for social justice. We believe that we’re strongest when we organize the unorganized and break down barriers created by the bosses to divide and conquer the labor movement. We also believe that the labor movement should fight for basic class-based political demands — e.g. no to cutbacks, yes to taxing the rich — by seeking independence from the corporate-controlled Democratic Party.