Anti-Racist Organizing



We are a multi-racial organization of activists committed to ending all forms of racial oppression. We oppose all attempts by the Right to blame immigrants and people of color for crises created by the 1%. We believe that the best way to defeat racism and xenophobia is through mass movements organized on the basis of solidarity. We believe no human being is illegal — and we are committed to stopping any and all attempts to harass, intimidate or deport undocumented people in our communities.

We live in a country built by way of slavery and the expropriation of indigenous peoples — and we expect to find entrenched racism in every institution in our society. What’s more, we recognize that the ruling class has a long track record of turning one section of workers against another for the sake of dividing and conquering both. Racism has been — and continues to be — used not simply to oppress people of color, but also to keep working class people as a whole weak and divided. Therefore, we believe that smashing racism and empowering working class people more broadly are mutually interdependent political goals. Indeed, our view is that only a bigger, more organized radical left can decisively defeat the disturbing rise of far-Right racist organizations.